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Royal Bombombola

Royal Bombombola

Product Information:

The champagne glass inspired "Royal Bombombola", as it was originally baptized, is a majestic modern take on the age-old chandelier with a definitive festive mood added to it. 

Thanks to its clever structure, each shiny ball reflects each rail of small light bulbs and again reflects each one of the other balls including the already reflected light bulbs. This goes on and creates a myriad of shiny reflecting lights and balls of various sizes and intensity, indeed reminding us of rising bubbles in a champagne glass. 


Dimensions: Diameter 127cm, height 142cm adjustable up to 200cm



Structure in lacquered aluminium, balls in lacquered metal or gold plated, lampholders in stainless steel.


This product can be made to measure and in other finishes. Please contact us for more information.


Produced by Quasar

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