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Product Information:

For Bisazza Pirouette wood collection, Edward van Vliet has created laser-engraved patterns with bold hexagonal geometries and striking color hues. Being part of the contemporary generation of dutch designers, vliet draws in creativity from natural and cultural varieties where materials, shapes, colors and patterns are explored and combined into unique designs or — as he describes it — into new worlds. ‘I specifically chose the hexagon as the basis for my designs because it gives three dimensional effects from every angle. the hexagon is a symbol of creation and revolution in all religions and cultures; it is connected to nature and for me it is a more organic shape, since is close to a circle’.


Wood is a prefinished 15mm thick parquet consisting of a 4-mm-thick top layer of oak on a birch plywood backing, assembled according to the strictest production standards. Wood has excellent wear and stability results and can be laid on floors with radiant heating. The surface is brushed and finished with a varnish, which makes this product extremely resistant to stains and suitable for high-traffic floors. Wood is fire retardant, being approved to European Fire Reaction class Cfl-s1, and meets the requirements dictated by the CE marking regulations for wood floors.


Tile size: 202mm x 233mm

Tile shape: Hexagon


Produced by Bisazza

Wood Colors
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